About me

I am a tall and handsome country on the outskirts of Europe. The facts being told here are just that. Facts. Not opinions. Not interpretations. Not rumours, Not lies. Facts. And hear later, as my inhabitants would say.

As you might notice I'm kind of grumpy. That comes from being a very old country. And frozen for the best part of the year. In the south of me there is summer two months a year, the rest is rain, snow and sleet. How anyone would actually live here is beyond me.  

When my servant Stig gets his thumb out of his ass, there will be hyperlinks and whatnots galore. He is a lazy bugger, Stig, but I trust him. At least he is doing a far better job of conveying my words than is the so called "King of Sweden" What a joke he is. But don't get me started, or his will take a whole'nother year.


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