A midsummer nights eve

Tomorrow is midsummer night. We do celebrate that in Sweden, as opposed to our national day, sorry, don’t even remember when it is. On midsummer nights eve we raise a giant penis and put it into the earth. This, some say, is a symbol of fertility. In my opinion it’s just what you do at the time. You make love. All night long. And you are dead drunk while doing it.

I don’t really mind this. It is, after all, tradition. Just like people driving around in big fucking American cars shouting ööööööööööh, is tradition.

So, please, get some tomorrow 😉

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3 Responses to “A midsummer nights eve”

  1. Laila Vianden Says:

    No it’s about mosquitobites, freezing your ass off at some stupid bbq, getting drunk (true), involontary wathing/hearing drunk people trying to do the coitus-thing and miserably failing, while even more drunken spouse/partner is a few yards away vomiting in the neighboughrs rosebushes/possible simultainiously hitting on best friends partner. Oh, and the Sauna; drunk, naked people passing out in the heat.

  2. Laila Vianden Says:

    i think perheps sweden has not yet recovered from his midsummer nights eve?

  3. sweden Says:

    Not where I was, and, they even had a female majstång. (Of course it looked like one)

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