MPA's letter to the ministry of (in)justice of Sweden

This is fucking outrageous. In our country we do have a rule of ministers, AND THEIR AIDS, not taking part in daily matters. That is called minister government. If this isn’t a blatant example of that, my name is Thomas Bodström.

Sorry about the poor quality of the cut and paste, what can you do when not even stealing pdf:s work anymore 😉

Audiovisual ‘ Ertteriainmrnr

Far GloDal Audiencee
Executive Vice Presiderit
and Director
Worldwide Anti-Piracy
Via Facsimile C+46 8 405 36 01) & Mai1
The Honorable D.m EIiasson
State Secretary
Miriisky of Justice
Rosenbad 4
,, 1 O? 33 Stockliolnl
ENCINO, CA 91436
TEL.: (818) 995-6600
FAX: (818) 382-1797
E-MAIL: john-malwlrn@mpaa.o~
March 17, 2006
Re: The Yirnte Bay
Deu State Secretary;
As you w111 recall, on October 12,2005, you were kind enough to meet with me, al which
time i relayed my concern thnt Sweden appears to have become: al inieil~ationd piracy haveri.
We discussed at sorne len& an organization operatiiig iri Sweden callcd The Pira-te Bay,
probably the wnrld’s iiios~ prominent BitTorrent torrent-tracker site specializing iii the unlawhl
distribution of copyighted material.
Ai tliat Inne, buasted hat :t hosted 102,000 torrenr filcs (Ids to
infringiiig n-iatenal) and cipproximately 1,620,000 users. Not ordy has T11e Piratc Bay continued

in operation. it has growi. claiming to host 134.000 turrent files with over 1,900,000 users
I havc takcn the Ilberty of attaching two articles that appeared recently about The Pirate Bay.
‘ he first, \ilhich appearcd i11 Wired n-iagazine, a leading popular journal on digital issues. The
L- article chroi~icles in depressii~g detail the level of disrcspect for
inlellectud property in Sweden.
Afier citing the Motion Picnire Associatioli’s efforts to cducate people around the world about
the conseqliences of piracy, the article qiiotes orie of the operalors oPThe Pirare Bay:
” CP’P’VP also inro cciucatir~g people abaut rhe consequences ofpiracp, ” Pirate Bcs, operator
Brokcp .d701 buck in ~n e-mail. “We’7.e teuclzing them how to do it. ”
‘Ilie sccond ari~cle, wliich appeared at (“ThePirateRay to Cash In”), in which tht:
v, inner of a populu locd game show cällzd “Thr Top Conrestant.” pledged ro donate 20% of his
vinnings to Tbe Pirate Bay, artesting to how widespread contempt for intellectual propem nghts
appears to have grown kg Sweden.
Clearly the complaints that we filed on behalf of oiir niernbers in 2004 and 2005 with the
police in Stockholin and Gothenbirg against the operators of The Pirate Bay have resulted in no
action. As I am sure you are aware, the American Embassy has sent entreaties to the Swedish
government urgirig it to rake action against The Pirate Bay and other organizations oyeratin,a
with Sweden dlat facililate copynght theft. As we Jiscussed during our meeting, it is certainly
not in Sweden’s best interests to earn a reputation anlong other nations and trading p’mners as a
place where utter lawlessness with respect to intellectual property riats is tolerated. I would
urge you once agmn to exercise your influence to urge law enforcement aiithorities in Sweden to
take much-needed action against The Pirate Bay.
Please do not liesitate to contact me if you have my questions or concerns rhat you would
like to discuss.
With best professjonal regards, T remsin.
&hn G. Malcolm

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