MPAAs Swedish lawyer doesn't pay for parking

The Pirate Bay – Världens största BitTorrenttracker

This is beginning to sound more and more like an ordinary docu-soap,
well no sex but still. MP AA hired a private detective to spy on one of
the people behind through a Swedish lawyer. After
looking into the lawyer thepiratebay found that she didn’t pay her
parking bills. And she makes 100 dollars/year. Well, well, stealing
from the people of Sweden is okay but not to share files. Stealing –
yes, sharing – no. This sounds like socialism is dead, even in Sweden,
as if we didn’t know that already.

Thomas Bodström says he is innocent, he does not
take orders from the US. Hmm, how about the two Egyptians that the US
flew to Egypt to be tortured? Bodström wasn’t minister at the time, but
still. And Göran Persson, who hand picked Bodström is still the head of
state. The right wing says yippee, it is election soon. Even the
parties that votes together with the Social Democrats reports what has
happened to the constitution committee.

I lost all confidence for this government after the EU summit in
June 2001. The fuckers gave a rose to every cop that was working that
weekend. Even the one who shot a young man who nearly died. They locked
in 400 people in a school because of orders from the SS (Secret
Service). And so on and on…

Still, it could be worse. The right wing parties could win the election. That will be the end of me.

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