Volvo kills culture

In Göteborg harbor there is a cultural building, sort of a exhibition area for alternative arts called Röda Sten. They let lots of young people use their wall for graffiti. The wall looked great as the building itself is but ugly. I was very surprised the other day when the official art censors (graffiti removers) sprayed their foul stinking mess at the wall.

Why did they do this? Because of Volvo Oceans Race, a competition for Fucking Rich Wankers with nothing better to do than sail around in boats. And their finish line is just outside of Röda Sten. A PR firm for Göteborg, Göteborg & Company even tried to get Röda Sten to put up a fucking Swedish flag on the wall. Like every artist in Göteborg is a nationalistic fascist whore. Fuck you Göteborg & Company!

Göran Vögel-Rödin, former chief of the arts hall in Trollhättan immediately left the board. Good on you, Göran. It’s nice to see there at least is someone with balls left in the institutional art world.

Fuck, they even took away the pictures from their site. Censorship is alive and well in our dear Bodstöm society. Long live Göran Persson and Göran Johansson. Hope they choke on their bribes from Volvo (Ford these days, which is even worse).

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