Hair of the dog

Bodström, yes the Minister of Injustice of Sweden got his hair trimmed by Kristian Luuk the other day. The hair was auctioned out and guess who bought it?

Yes! Thepiratebay of course. Hahaha, You got to love those people. Gone one day, and then resurrected. Three days later no less.

Bodströms hårlock såld för 10101 kronor10101 kronor.Så mycket såldes Thomas Bodströms hårlock för.Och den som drog det längst strået var Piratbyrån.

EXPRESSEN.SE/Nöjesnyheter: Bodströms hårlock såld för 10101 kronor

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One Response to “Hair of the dog”

  1. Laila Vianden Says:

    Actually Bodström had a nice humanitarian career as a fluffy jurist, working for good fluffy causes such as human rights and so. Since Göran Persson, the head of state, only hands out minister-posts to people with no power within the socialdemocratic party, ALL ministers are very loyal to the party and to Göran Persson. Even if Bodström somewhere deep within is soul still is a do-gooder, he remains loyal. So did former secretary of forgein affairs, Anna Lindh. She used to be very critical against the politics of Israel, and she also was not a fan of the US invasion of Irak. But … she remained loyal and followed the party-line, skecthed by Göran Persson. Kept her mouth shut.

    So I believe that Bodströms newly surveilliance and control fetishism, and his actions against the Pirate Bay, isn’t exactly in his own personal interest. He´s just doing what he’s told. Power and politics on the higher sferes are tricky, difficult and scary stuff.
    Us ordninary citizens do best in just staying as far away from the power players as possible. For our own Good.
    remember the woman who was run over by a fast boat/yacht driven by a bunch of drunken teenagers a few summers ago? Those teenagers came from some of the most influential and wealthy families in Gothenburg. So of course, this woman, had no chance in hell to rise any claims against the teenagers and their parents.

    Just keep out of the rich and the powerful, and you’ll be fine. That’s my philosophy.

    As for Thomas Bodström, he sold out the second he took the job minister of justice. He probably knew that and saw it as a great careeropportunity. So there’s no need to moarn either the loss of his soul or his hair.

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