The next step

The next step in the development of “Bodströmsamhället” (The Bodström society, named after our dear minister of justice) will probably be that cops will strike at all the banks, taking away all the money from everybody who is unemployed, sick or just down and out.

“There are those who cheats with welfare, so we have to nick all their money to put a stop to this endless cheating. The next step will be taking away all student loans, but that can wait till autumn”, says Thomas Bodström.

The closing down of the Piratebay is of course not due to any “criminal activity” on their part. It is just Sweden giving in to pressure from Hollywood, in this case. We give the Yankees data from all the flights that go there, we even use them to transport Swedish “terrorists” to Egypt. The quote above will come true, I’m afraid. And, if the alliance wins the election we will get to this brave new world even faster.

If I didn’t know Bodström hardly is able to read, I would recommend him to read a thing or two about justice. Preferably what Derrida wrote on the subject in the later part of his oeuvre

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