Wow, 30 Euros more for students

Students will get 30 Euros more per month. They will buy all the Iraian caviar we can import. This will really be a fall forwards. Thing is, in the seventies, you got just as much money if you were a student. Rents were about 1/10 of todays. You got to ride for free (almost) on inland airplanes and same thing with trains.

And today, when the government’s spring budget was presented, they got 30 Euros. Wow! Without trying to be a populist, I think people from the government should try to live on 700 Euros a month, and pay 400+ of those money just in rent. Try doing that for about a year, and I sill listen to your words. Otherwise, Per Nuder, take your usb-thingy and put it up your ass! 

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