Pär Nuder, the slugger

In a debate this evening in Aktuellt (Evening News) minister of finance Pär Nuder struck a blow to right wing leader Fredrik Reinfeldt.

"As soon as something comes up to a debate regarding something you don't like you hold up your wet finger in the air and say: Well, that's not exactly what we think. That's not god enough", said Per Nuder. Fredrik Reinfeldt said: No, that is not exactly what we think. Hahaha.

Per Nuder also accused Fredrik Reinfeldt of wanting to lower the dole in a time where the economy is growing. "Your economical policies are made for bad times, and now the times are good. Now you just have to stand there with your beard in the mailbox", said Nuder.

Hahaha, Pär Nuder even got the right winger to admit that he still wanted to lower taxes. (Old party leaders mantra).

New right wing workers party my ass. 

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