One criminal down, now let’s see France follow

Romano Prodi, the leader of the left/center coalition in Italy says he won the elections. Bruttosconi, of course, says he didnät. That could be expected, the man is like a five year old. Calling people "coglione", owns the media and still blames them for not writing the right stuff about him and so on and so on ad infinitum. Suck on your own coglioni, Bruttosconi! (makes an excellent chanting thingy in italian as well 😉

So, what is left, pun intended. France could do with a new government and so could Germany. I will keep mine, thank you very much. Not that I like it all that much, but the so called "Alliansen" will murder people. They will also boil newborn babies in oil (made in Sweden from rapeseed of course). Furthermore they will probably institute that you have to make a choice where you will go to school at the age of three, sell out health care and also make giant euthanasia factories. All in the name of the Market.

Anyhow, today I'm sorta happy for all the people in Italy. And this spring there is the European (World?) Championships in football. Veni gli Azzuri!

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