No cooperation – if you study economy

A university, the London school of Economics performed a study regarding cooperation, force, laws and punishment. The students got a sum of money and had two different groups to choose from. One where you would voluntarily cooperate with no form of punishment if you didn't contribute to the group. In the other there were punishments if you didn't do as you were supposed to do. (They were to invest their money, or grab as much as they could for themselves, the point being that cooperation would be profitable).Later on in the experiment people had to choose groups again, and,big surprise, they all chose the "winning" group. I suppose this would symbolise society, or something.

What do this tell us? Since I read about it in a right wing paper, it is obvious that law and order must exist, otherwise people will always do what's best just for themselves. But is that true for all people? These students were studying economics. Aren't they a very special form of humans? I mean, they talk about maximising the profit, and believe in it too. Today we live in a world that is governed by economics.

Would normal people react like those students? I think not.


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