No wogs in her bar

The leader of ssu (Young Social Democrats) is now being prosecuted for making trouble at a bar. Apparently she and a couple of friends were quite pissed. They didn’t get any more drinks, which led to a brawl. From there on the stories vary. One of the guards say she called him "fucking wog", hit him in the face and tried to strangle him. She says that nothing happened, but that the guard was violent. We all know what guards are like don’t we. Still, this is the wrong year to do stuff like this.

All reporters in Sweden are speculating about this. The leaders of the Social Democrats say that she isn’t condemned yet. That is true. And we don’t know if she called the guard a wog or not. Innocent till proven guilty, some people say.

That’s not the point. The Social Democrats can’t afford this, this being the year of election. Let her go. Let her come back in a couple of years, that is the tradition among politicians. Nobody expects anything else from politicians. Politocracy. Even that doesn’t matter. If the right wins this election people will die. Homeless people, sick people and unemployed people. Please Anna Sjödin, get the fuck out of the elections. 

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