Sweden kills refugees

According to the tv-program "Faktum" we don’t give "illegal immigrants" hospital care if they can’t pay for it. In advance! That makes us the worst country in Europe, when it comes to taking care of refugees. I wonder how we combine that with the grandiose words about "humane refugee policies". If you are to be treated in a hospital, it has to be something that would otherwise kill you. If you survive, the next surprise awaits you.

You get a bill. Isn’t that a great way to start your life in a new country? Bills that just keeps getting bigger and bigger. For all eternity. Amen.

There is only one thing to say, and I say it to all the people who decides this, Göran Persson, Barbro Holmberg and some of the people from mp and v as well.

You make me feel ashamed. You murder people. Fuck you very much! 

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