Students should go on strike

In this year’s spring budget, our wise and almighty government decided it was time that students also would get into the 21:st century. The government raised the part you don’t have to pay back by 100 Skr/ month. (Like 10 Euro, 13 dollars) Wow! I can’t believe it’s true! One hundred kronor. They are going to drink themselves to death. They will all buy Lamborghinis, and drive themselves to death. They will certainly eat to much and in the end every student will look like the average American.

I (Stig Matisse, that is) remember the times I was a student at the University. Hmm. Those were the days. For about one year I lived in England. the pound wasn’t worst the paper it was printed on, and I lived like a Prince. Dream of my exasperation when I about a year ago found out that students today don’t get any more money to live on than I got. My student days were in the seventies, and I think some things have changed since then. Then I could get a bottle of wine for say five (5) Skr. Okay, it tasted like shit, but what can you expect when you don’t pay almost anything for it? So this is a day of celebration. One hundred kronor more per month. Wow, again.

Oh, another thing. In my days you could get a job if you wanted more cheap wine. I did that. I interviewed passengers on trams and buses. For like 12 hours a day. I could drink wine in very posh wine bars for that money.  Today, though corporations earn more money than ever, there is no way to get a job. The companies says that taxes makes them weak. The game of the day – Blame the victim. Grrrrrr!

The government, and their henchmen the green party and the Stalinist, think they will get reelected. Really? Why? On the other hand, what is the alternative? The Alliance. They want to do what they’ve done in France. Great success.

Come on rödgröna, you have to give young people a chance t least! Stop calling them terrorists. Stop blaming the victims! Stop listening to Svens Näringsliv! (The work buyers union). When you’re at it, try to separate big buisness from small new started companies. Stop giving money away to Wallenberg, give it to young people instead. They are Your future. They will treat you when your bones fall apart. Think about that for a while, dickheads!

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