Socialism vs Capitalism, 1-0

Today Högsta Domstolen (the highest court in sweden) decided not to take up the case of a person sharing a film over the internet. This means we can continue sharing, which is good. It’s a lesson in socialism in practice. Funny thing is, you don’t have to be a socialist to share files. Hmmm, how come? Lot’s of people on the right wing does it as well. Without getting a single öre. Rather they pay (bandwidth) for doing this. Goes against everything capitalism teaches us about “Homo Economicus” whose only obligation is to maximise profit. Strange indeed.

“I see this decision as a clear message that a person sharing files, if they don’t make any money doing it, can’t get more than a fine. In that case we can’t trace their IP. thus making it impossible to trace a citizen sharing files, says prosecutor Håkan Roswall to TV4.

The man had shared one film, if it had been more this would be different, and most people does, says Henrik Pontén from the association for the preservation of big finance, Antipiratbyrån.

Unfortunately the site is down, to many people congratulating I guess. Anyways, I can pretty much guess their reaction. Later on I’m sure you can read all about it on (in Swedish).

P.S. I see now that made a comment on the subject 🙂

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