Benzene, the secret ingredient in Coke

Tests show that there is benzene in Coke. Benzene is extremely carcinogenic. Apparently something happens when you mix citric acid an some other stuff. I think it’s about time we stop treating multinational corporations like they didn’t know they’re poisoning us.

I say it’s about time we boycott Big MuliCorporations like Coke, Nestlée, Monsanto and the rest of the fuckers. Buy local products when ever you can. Try to get your kids to hate McDonald’s, even if you have to tell them that they make burgers out of people – Soylent McGreen.
Throw out your TV, it only makes you lose the grip. Start to connect to other people. That is the way we can break away from this Corporate Fuckup.

Ohh, btw, read my blog. I tell it the way it is 😉

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