Gold digger kicks women – gets award

The reporter Evin Rubar got another award this weekend. A while ago she got a prize for hanging out Muslims to dry. Then it was about private schools teaching Islam. A strange thing was that she didn't say a thing about the Other side of things, the Christian private schools. Nooo, those are great. The Muslims suck. And today that will get you an award. Denmark, hang on, we'll soon catch up.

This year she got the Golden Shovel, Investigating Reporters award. And what did she do this year? Well, she continues to kick downwards. Kick them while they're still down. Well, no matter, just kick. Who did she kick at this time? Women. Or rather the so called "radical feminists". She did this by not mentioning certain facts, doing Gestapo-interviewing, and being a general pain in the ass. Way to go Evin? Apparently it is, since she's now gotten two awards by doing it.

A couple of years ago I said: "journalism is a way to serious matter to leave to journalists". That was after the EU-summit in Göteborg 2001. At the time I didn't think it could get any worse. It did.

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