Let’s starve the Palestinians so they get the meaning of democracy

"I’ve got an idea", said Yitzak to Moshe. After the Palestinian elections where Hamas won we should show them what happens when they vote for the wrong party.  "Yes, we bomb them back to the stone age", said Moshe. "Nonono, not this time. I’ve got a new idea, let’s starve them instead. That will show them" said Yitzak. "Yippee, and let’s also tell the rest of the world that Hamas is nothing but a Terrorist Organisation", said Moshe. They both go out to the right.

Those of us with memory will remember a time when Fatah was nothing but Terrorists. Yassir Arafat was very very dangerous. You could not trust him. Never. And now this. Hams winning the election.

Way to go world. This way there won’t be any more terrorists. Impossible, no starving man can raise arms. We all know this. Never going to happen. No way, Bové. I say: What’s wrong with you people. Have you forgotten the Stern league? Forgotten all about your past? For god’s sake get a grip!

(The dialogue is "Faux vrai") 

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2 Responses to “Let’s starve the Palestinians so they get the meaning of democracy”

  1. shlemazl Says:

    Stern league was a relatively small group of people with little popular support, which did not deliberately target civilians.

    See the difference?

    Besides, can you explain exactly why western taxpayers’ money should subsidize a people which elected Hamas? They ain’t gonna starve – charities will continue feeding Palestinian Arabs in the same way they always have. It’s just that the Hamas Government won’t get its hands on taxpayers’ money.

  2. sweden Says:

    Well, there are different oppinions concerning the Stern gang. What about Deir Yassin, not to mention Folke Bernadotte.

    It’s all to easy to shout terrorist today, ad get awaay with it. The people that uses the term the most usually are the worst terrorists themselves, I think is what I’m trying to say.

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