Football impossible without whores

Soon the World Championship in Football will take place in Germany. Prostitution is legal there. To "accommodate" the football fans, almost all of south east Asia has been swept clean by pimps. In brief, there will be a lot of trafficking. Trafficking is still illegal, even in Germany.

This weekend, Claes Borgström, ombudsman for gender equality in Sweden, said that maybe it would be a good idea to boycott the championships. Just to make a point. According to media and the Swedish football asociation he shouldn’t have done that. Not to mention all the men calling Swedish Radio saying stuff like: "I’ve heard lots of whores that do it of their own free will". Yeah, right. Just like those who are raped. It’s their own fault. They are drunk too, and wear skimpy clothes. Their fault. I wish there were gangs of women running around with baseball bats, ramming it up some men’s arses!

Some women aren’t much better. In the paper DN you can read Riksidrottsförbundets (the athletic union) chairperson Karin Mattsson say something like this.

-Prostitution is legal in Germany, it’s not the athletes thing to change German policy, that is something politicians should do. Prostitution doesn’t depend on the championships, she says.

Right. True. And yet not true. It doesn’t even contribute to the problem, Karin? Make it worse? Why else import whores? Grrrrrr!

Talking about prostitutes, what about the football players. They get paid for laying down, to get free and penalty kicks.  They even seem to like it. Wouldn’t Thai players be a lot cheaper?

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