Laila Freivads will go before the end of this week

Foreign minister, Laila Freivads, will have to leave the Swedish government. My bet is that it will happen this week. There has been lots of problems for her this year. It started with the handling of the Tsunami. The problem now is that someone at the foreign department made a phone call to a nazi site that published the infamous Muhammad cartoons. In Sweden, the government aren’t allowed to do this. And today there’s been a lot of noise about Laila Freivalds knowing about this.

There has been a lot of storms around Freivalds. She tells reporters to get lost. She sounds angry most of the time. She is a lawyer. Up until now Göran Persson has kept his big hands behind her back, but since this year there is an election I wonder if he can afford to keep it up.

To sum up. This time it’s about freedom of the press, which is guaranteed in the Swedish constitution. That’s why all media scream like mad. Okay, it is a serious matter, obviously. But. Do freedom of the press really apply to nazis? The social democrats has been spying on the Swedish left since the war. Still do, I suppose. Nothing says they don’t. So couldn’t this kinda neutralise, make things even.

The Muhammad cartoons isn’t about freedom of the press. At least not in our neck of the woods, Muslims are in minority around here. Freedom is not absolute, it is relative. What I mean is, I hate religion of all types, I can’t even stand metaphysics. But I don’t have to tell that to every religious nut I meet.

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