Hugo Chavez: “You are a drunkard”

Hahaha, this is brilliant. Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela, in a speach yesterday called Dubbya a drunkard and a donkey. This was in response to the White House calling Chavez a demagogue. It all started when Big Oil Companies in cooperation with Venezuelan corporate media and the USA tried to get rid of Chavez in a coup staged a couple of years ago. Of course they don’t like him giving of the oil money to the poor. The money should go to the millionaires, like they always do. Come on Hugo. What were you thinking.

Hugo Chavez is not only a friend of Fidel Castro, but also with Diego Maradona. Does this mean Venezuela won’t just make a lot of money from oil, but will also win the world cup in football one day. You’ll never know. What I do know is that South America is beginning to stand up against the US. Probly because the CIA has been too busy in the Middle East lately.

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