Death to patents and the so called justice system

Sometimes I hate the so called justice. I just read This Essay Breaks the Law: Michael Crichton pleads for patent reform, and it almost made me puke. What the world needs is someone hunting down judges, lawyers, economists and big buisness leaders. If this was not enough, they’ve tried to patent the Basmati rice, grown for millennia, invented the killer gene so farmers have to buy seed every year. Water has been privatised, even around here, in Norrköping. I could go on.

Today there are loads of interesting technical stuff that we don’t get just because of DRM (Digital Rights Management), at least that makes the products come out much later than they have to. In the US the RIA are suing the pants of 12 year old kids, they will never rise again, just because they listened to a song or two.

Talking about technical developments, Thomas Bodström, the minister of Justice, wants to listen in on everything we say, record it – no, we won’t get paid even if we say everything I say is copyrighted. Why. I’ve got no lawyer. And so on and on and on and…

Marvel Comics tried to trademark the word superhero. What will be next? You perhaps read about the synthetic muscles. What are they going to use them for? Fucking soldiers. I need super-strong soldiers like a fish needs a bike. The proteins are the next thing to be charted. If we’re lucky we’ll be able to still make meatballs without paying Big Corporations every time, but I doubt it.

Just before he died, Jaques Derrida started to write about the “Justice to come”. He distinguishes between two different “types” of future. Le future, which is the extrapolation of what happens now, and that certainly sucks big time, but he also writes about L’à venir – the to come. He said that a democracy, a justice and so on has to come. Our only hope today is that L’àvenir gets here before the future does.

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