Packed like sardines in oil

All over the world there have been protests against the war on Irak. Since the US is kinda late when it comes to most things, I don’t yet know if there are any protests.

"The US is making charges about a covert nuclear weapons programme in Iran without presenting any credible evidence. These charges are strikingly similar to the false accusations raised to justify the invasion of Iraq three years ago," said Kate Hudson, chairwoman of CND, according to the Beeb.

In Göteborg one of the speakers was Sven-Erik Liedman, professor in the history of ideas. "Bush, Cheney and Saddam  Hussein are like sardines, packed in oil, he said.

This sort of sums it all up. Three years of war, thousands of civilians killed, and for what? Democracy? Come on, we all know that is not the case. Not with a president that still hasn’r been able to win an election without relying on ancient voting machines, and a system of registering voters that most societies left around year 1100 A.D.

Hehe, just like sardines.


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  1. Voteswagon Says:

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    Operation Swarmer, the name sounds tough enough, I know the troops executing it are definitely tough enough, but what about the individuals who generated the Operation, what exactly are their credentials? Was Operation Swarmer a military plan thought u…

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