You just want to use cheap labour, answers Göran Persson

That the Scania leader calls me a racist is just because I say that  for instance  people from the eastern  Europe  should have the same wages  as  Swedes do.  I don’t know how  Östlund  thinks,  if he thinks that is racism,  says  Göran Persson.

He also says that the Migration Office has been doing a great job. (I see, the percentage of legal immigrants have dropped from the year 2 000, is that doing a great job)?

All in all it’s been a normal day. People say what the drama prescribes they say. Even I do. Even I get kinda boring days like this. I blame the temperature, my brain temperature has been below zero for far to long now. It’s really well preserved though, so come spring I will be able to put it to good use.

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