Plot thickens, Migration Office with prostitutes

Eleven people from the Migration Office had a party with prostitutes, says DN (Dagens Nyheter, a major Swedish newspaper). They were warned, but they did get to keep their jobs. The migration minister, Barbro Holmberg, who otherwise just says throw them out, today just states that this was a lack of judgement. Come on Barbie, throw them out!

Just a couple of weeks ago it was known that people from the Migration office celebrated sending migrants away with a drink of champagne. “Some of the people are apperently not suited to work there”, says Barbro Holmberg. Are these maybe the same people that according to Göran Persson is “doing a great job”?

DN then goes on about the Ethics and so on. Ethics, my ass. That’s not what it’s all about.

I say: Throw out Barbro Holmberg and Göran Persson, and I will be a much better place.

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