Close down the migration office, says head of Scania

Now the asphalt is blooming, as swedes say. A head honcho at Scania, maker of trucks, says in an interview in a Finnish newspaper that the governments of the Nordic countries are all racist. 

"Nordic governments are utterly hostile towards immigrants", he says. The same critique applies to the union movement, not a single person has risen to a leading post there.

About one third of the work force at Scania in Södertälje was born outside of Sweden. He also thinks that Sweden should open its borders, not try to close them.

"There’s room for about 20 million people in Sweden", he says.

So far so good. Why does he say this? I’m not so sure he does it for altruistic reasons alone. I suppose there is an ulterior motive behind this, but still, I do agree. There’s room for 20 million people in Gotland alone. 

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