Arundhati Roy – The God of Small Words

Arundhati Roy

I’m in love with Arundhati Roy. Not just because she is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. Not just because she has written one of the world’s greatest novels, “The God of Small Things”. Not even because she is an activist. No. I’m in love with her because she does something that very few people do these days. She brings hope. She brings Hope even. And Hope, or even hope, is a commodity that is rare at best. But that is what she gives to the world.

It is somewhat strange the way she does it. She does it by criticising the US. By criticising India, by criticising war et cetera. I’ve heard people say that the left is just criticising, never positive. That is not true when it comes to Arundhati Roy. She is the living walking talking exemple of what Derrida calls l’à venir – the to come – as in a justice, world or democracy to come. And when you read or listen to her, you really believe that it is to come. Really.

Perhaps she is best known for her views on Globilisation. Or as the powers like to call us, anti-globalists. Well, she attacs nationalism fiercely. She tells the story about global companies attacking democracy. She talks about how the market takes away peoples livelihood. “The Invisible Hand is not open, it is an Invisible Fist”, as Arundhati Roy herself would say, perhaps.

Use your favourite torrent tracker to find movies with her. Or read about her in Wikipedia.

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