There goes the neighbourhood

Today, SR (Sveriges Radio) tells me that Norway is following Denmark all the way. Fraemskrittspartiet (a nationaist, racist party) is now the biggest party, according to a poll. This makes me sad. It’s not like people in Scandinavia live “like stuffed herrings” as we say. In large areas of the Nordic countries you can walk a whole day, and still not meet anbody. It used to be like that in Sweden as well, we had quite a large nationalistic party in the beginning of the nineties. They died out or something. Perhaps they are only hiding, I see disturbing tendencies among the “alliance”, the right wing parties. So how come there are so many racists in countries that don’t have enough population to fill a major city even?

Are people really, sicerely afraid that Muslims will “take over our society”? Because there are so few of the original inhabitants. Or is that we fear that we will be treated teh same way we’ve treated the Sami? And how come something as abstract as a “Nation” still means anything at all? Could it be the last “breath” of borders and nations.

Should I be pleased rather than sad?

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