The infidel Great Danes and Fredrik Reinfeldt

I’ve been wanting to write something about one of my neighbours for quite some time now. Everybody else does, so it must be really important. Maybe Important even, pehaps. The neighbour in questioon is, as I suppose you have guessed by now, Denmark. The inhabitants of Denmark rather. Perhaps, hopefully, only a portion of the inhabitants of Denmark. I like to call them Les Grand Danoises . Not just because they are “infidel dogs” but also because they do behave like dogs. And now finally I have a cartoon scandal of my own.

I suspect that everybody knows about Jyllandsposten and their publishing of Muhammed cartoons. You also know about the right wingers in Denmark talking alot about the freedom of epression and the freedom of the press. This, to right wingers is holy. No, it’s even Holy. I suspect the reason for it being Holy is that it’s part of the Holy Trinity. The Market, The Freedom and the Invisible Hand. I, for one, find this reasoning holey, flawed. Why? They accuse the moslems of being fundamentalists. They do not see that they are fundamentalists themselves. Conflict. Since my only religion is no-religionwhatsoever I applaud the cartoons and the burning of flags. In principle. But. And that is a big but(t). The inbalance of power and riches between the moslem world and the west makes me lean more towards the side of burning danish flags.

Okay, the last couple of weeks I’ve been hearing so much about the cartoons that I want to puke. So it’s great to have a cartoon scandal of my own, finally. An ombudsman from the ssu, the young social democrats, in his blog made a poster of Fredrik Reinfeldt, the big cheese in M, the biggest right wing party of Sweden. The poster said “Vote for your pedofile”. This happened, says the ombudsman, because there was another member of the same party that was a convicted pedofile. Since this is the year of elections that became a scandal in the media. Of course. The media started the election campaign long before the parties did. And we all know who media owners sympathise with. (Yes I’m a materialist, impossible not to be in a capitalist society where nothing but material goods and money “counts”). The right wing, in Sweden, is called the Alliance btw. It makes me think about NATO and stuff.
And here’s the really strange thing. At the moment the right wing doesn’t yell about the freedom of expression. Not a word. Not a single word. Isn’t this as important to the swedes as it is to the danes, and for that matter the rest of the right wing western world?
– This is worse than the first mail campaign. It’s such a terrible violation to be called a pedofile, says Fredrik Reinfeldt in a swedish newspaper.
To sum up. (And just to be on the safe side here, I do not agree with the statement that Fredrik Reinfeldt is a pedofile, just as I do not agree that the Profet wears a bomb on his head). In Denmark it’s totally okay to violate a couple of million down trodden people in the name of the freedom of the press. Alot of european newspapers printed the cartoons in support of Jyllandsposten. In Sweden it is not okay to even mention ONE Party Leader and pedofile in the same sentence. That just makes total sense, doesn’t it?

“At last I am free, I can hardly see in front of me…” (Robert Wyatt)

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