BSE, finally

 I’ got my first case of BSE this week. Finally. I have been waiting like mad to join my European sisters. They all have had cases, as far as I know. And now I join them. The cow is question was named "Majros". All of my cows are. If they aren’t called Blend. Doesn’t really matter since they have numbers in their ears. Kinda barbaric, if you stop to think about it. Some farmer uses a pair of liers, and cuts off small pieces of the ear. If they cut on the side that’s up it means something, the side that’s down means something else. I think it’s a brilliant idea to be able to differentiate between cows. Brilliant, I tell you.

Anyways, 2345 Majros now has BSE. Everybody is now afraid of eating meat. Except chicken. Oooops, you can’t eat chicken either because of the Bird Flue. And we do have cases of that as well. What is happening? Well, I’ve been along for sorta long time now. I still remember the plague. I remember Rembrant. I remember Queen Kristina, who btw killed Descartes. Not intentionally. She asked him to stay at her castle, and he got so cold, and he got a cold, and he died. So it goes 

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