Borg is going down

At last former tennis-player Bjorn Borg is going down. The nouveau riche slightly retarded-looking former athlete is now experiencing the horrible state of being nouveau poor (or just a regular guy who has to work for a living) and is putting his wimbledon trofés up for sale. For some Swedish journalists this is for some reason bii-hiiig news and they just won’t stop reporting about it. It’s as if Borg is trying to sell swedish regalia on ebay.

First, a tennis racket has no resemblance what so ever to the crown-jewels. Second, if the royal family went broke and would sell the actual crown-jewels on ebay I wouldn’t mind. I would be happy, filled with pure Schedenfreude of watching rich, useless people who never really did anything but prancing about a court all their lives, becoming a little bit more familiar to the lives of the majority of the people.

So, the view from down here (as opposed to the view from the editors office) is not “oh noooooo this can’t be happening!” – it is rather “mwoahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha”.


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