Fi Donc! says People’s Party of Sweden

Maria Carlshamre, a member of the eu-parlament (fp, people’s party) is under fire yet aagain. Last time it was something about taxes, well, i don’t really remember. Btw, why do these accusations always hit female politicians. Mona Salin, Toblerone and parking tickets, Gudrun Schyman, booze and a care free attitude to almost everything and so on. Could it be that female politicians have to be twice as perfect as male ones? I’ll answer that myself. Yes!

Now she wants to leave fp, and go to F¡ (Feminist Initiative), a new party that will run in this years election. Anywho, this makes fp and all swedish media (corporate media, by definition right wing) go bezerk. She has to leave her job in the eu, even if she was elected mainly as a person, not just as a member of fp. These things happen all the time in swedish politics, but this time it’s SERIOUS. The F¡ got slaughtered by the same media just a couple of months ago. While another new party, jl, a bunch of rich old farts, still are the media favourites. What a world we live in. Talk about double standards.
-I miss the liberal voice, that used to be when Bengt Westerberg was the leader of the party. fp is not a feminist party at all, but just about law and order today, she says, when explaining why she leaves the fp. It used to be about equality, but that is no more.

-There’s alot of feminism in fp, says Birgitta Olsson. It’s a pity that Maria leaves for a left wing party. Btw, she hasn’t done anything about it in thr party, she says. (This is the other common accusation, F¡ is left wing. Well, what has the right wing ever done for women. Opened a door? Paid for sex?)
-I wasn’t even wellcome to the congress, says Maria Carlshamre. I was told not to come.

Thing is, nothing has happened since a couple of years ago, when s, the social democrats, said that they would at least be 50/50 in Riksdagen. All this would have been a storm in a coffe cup, if it weren’t that this points to a structural problem. And a major one at that.

-So you are a feminist? Shut the fuck up then!


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