Seriously funny

snowy I’m a seriously funny contry. That has been so ever since Sigge Fürst, Martin Ljung and Hasse & Tages days. Not to mention Ulf Thorén. I suppose he was one of the first really seriously funny guys, at least in modern times. He used to make TV when the media was young. His approach was that of a silent lunacy, and by being very controlled himself he made the world come out as it is, mad.

Well, that wasn’t what I set out to write today. That was sorta preamble. I find that humour is, in some way, developing.
Perhaps it’s developing alonside the music, perhaps. I’m not sure. It may be. In the sixties we had jazz, and it began to get more “wild”. The thing then was the monologue, Lenny Bruce is a good exaple I guess. In the seventies we got Monty Pytons flying cirkus. (Not really true, but since they were a bit ahead of their time it’s kinda poetically true). Lunacy mixed with Intelligence, kinda like post structuralism really.

The eighties just wasn’t funny. Period. The nineties we saw the beginning of a revival of the political satire. And today, today, today… What the fuck have we today? What makes people laugh today? The first thing that comes to mind is being mean to other people. Especially weaker people.
-Look at that fat bitch!
-Look for yourself you lazy fuck!

Dunno if I really find this very funny. The drawings of the profet then. Nope, not funny. Not even close. Okay, there were moments, like 911, but the laughter kinda stuck before it got out even. Well, well, even though it doesn’t amuse me I’ve been playing a little degrading game on my tenants lately. I’ve kept the temperatur down to below zero °C for over two months now. Moahahahahaha.


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