Burn baby, burn out

I talked to one of my younger tenants today. She said she just couldn’t cope anymore. Probly because she has been giving and giving the last couple of years. She is very dependable, trustworthy and kind. Very bright of course, I never talk to anyone who isn’t, since they have absolutely nothing to say, and use afuckinglot of words to say it. Of course she has been doing a great job teaching kids spanish and english. Kids from ten to 16 years old. And that is hard work. Really hard. And as if that wasn’t enough, she spreads joy among all of her friends as well.

And this week she burned out. You could see it coming, every holiday she had head aches and so on. Well, you all know the story, I suppose. There’s alot of that going on at the moment. PRoblem is, it’s happening earlier and earlier in peoples life. She is just 25 ffs. Twenty five. (At least I was 30 the first time/Stig).

Why does this happen? I have a theory. (Of course I have a theory) It always gets the “good folks”, never CEO:s, politicians, capitalists and so on. Allways the good people. Why? Because they care. On the one hand that is what makes them good in the first place, but also leaves them vulnerable to burnout. Mental fatigue (pun intended) if you will. And that sucks big time. The others, who doesn’t care about anything but themselves go around blind to what they do to those who care.

Well, *sådan är kapitalismen…

* Old swedish song, such is capitalism. A really good song in a sorta Joe Hill tradition, poetic and angry-sad.

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