Who is fat and stupid in Stockholm

Today was interesting, kinda, sorta, in the perverted media way. The story is in brief:

  • A swedish reporter accused the mailing list Elite of, you guessed it, elitism. He did this in a major news paper, Dagens Nyheter (Todays News)
  • A few minutes after the articcle was published he was threatened over the phone. -You will regret this for the rest of your life, an anonymous male voice said.
  • The list is all about gossip and rumours among the “in crowd” of Stockholm. Somebody called another person a fat bitch, and so on.
  • A reporter from DN was fired because she was on the list.
  • The “founding father” of the list is the notorious Alexander Bard, self made philosopher, musician (Bodies without organs) and eternal wearer of shorts.

There is something really touching the way reporters handle this. Every reporter in Sweden has known about this list at least for ten tears. Today one of them told on the others, and the cirkus begins. There’s only one thing I can say quoting “War”:
News, what is it good for? (Absolutely nothing)!


One Response to “Who is fat and stupid in Stockholm”

  1. sweden Says:

    Where do we gossip in Gothenburg?

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