Nostalgia for the not-so-rich-and-famous

As the sun didn’t come up this morning, well it did actually, but nobody saw it since it was very cloudy, I began thinking about the good old days. At least a period of the good old days. The period might be called “new wave” if you will. What happened to all the talented people that began playingmusic, writing poetry and making installations? Some of them are still around, making heaps of money. Those I don’t care about. I was thinking of the ones that didn’t “make it”.

Some of them died (Brandy), others became almost like Snoddas, popular (Freddie Wadling). The guy from Stockholms Negrer works for the government. But what about all the others. Since I really like to keep track of my tenants, I will do some research to see what happened to them. I’ll keep you posted. And my question to you is: What became of the people you knew way back then? What became of you?


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