The blameshifting Tsunami

Last week there’s been a lot of talk about the tsunami among my people. Or perhaps my tenants, I’m not sure anymore. Since they take every chance they have to go visit other countries. Last year everyone went to Thailand. Over cristmas. They shouldn’t have done that.

So this week a blameshifting game has been going on. Le Bourgeoisie says it’s all Göran Persson’s fault. He blames Göran Danielsson who says Göran Somethingelse is to blame. The green party wants to fire Laila Freivalds, the foreign minister. Laila says she’s ashamed she didn’t choke on the cristmas ham, meatballs, insert favourite food. OMFG!

Who do I put the blame on? I blame my tenants for going there in the first place. What’s wrong with me? There is nowhere you can get christmas-you-see-in-postcards -and-fairy-tale-books like you can in me. And by the way, I met Thailand at a conference just a couple of hundred years ago. I would say she is not to be trusted.

Just to punish every one of them I’ve let it be cold, rainy, snowy and windy for the past two months. That will teach them to stay at home in front of the open fire, not speaking to anybody, like good swedes.


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