All work and no play (or is it)?

This is to be categorised as a whimper, maybe a whine later on when I get this fucking thing to work properly. Why is it that computers, that are here to save time, allways ends upp consuming it? Hungry little buggers. And note, it has never got anything to do with the country at the keyboard. Never! I am very competent. I am not at all cocky, more like A cockney.
Nevermind. In this, my first sorta international blog, i will write about allsorts (of things) and other sweets. I will also rant and rave endlessly about the goodolddays, when a man was monster and didn’t have to do anything about it. There was a debate going on a couple of months ago about if all men were animals or not. Well, I say they are, otherwise, what are they? If you know the answer to todays riddle, pls make a comment about it 🙂


2 Responses to “All work and no play (or is it)?”

  1. Norway Says:

    YES, YES, men are animals, thanks god! Women are not animals, they are more like things, things that the animal joyfully play with now and then.
    Or, is it like this; the toys make the animals run around without brains, in circles they don´t ever been in before?
    I like animals, on fridays it´s chickentime.

  2. sweden Says:

    Dear neighbour

    I still love you, kinda, chicken and all.

    P.S. I didn’t quite get the comment. is it the the brains that are circular, or is it before. Must be hard to use those fjords as a brain.

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